Upgrade Programme

What is the upgrade programme?

Just as mobile phone companies undertake improvements to their services such as, for example, upgrading from 3G to 4G, HERBS is looking to the future and planning its own system upgrade. This schedule of works ¬– to start this year and be completed in 2018 – will include upgrading every broadcast sector on the network and all customer nodes, which will double the available broadband speeds to all users.

What does this mean to me?

Once the section of the network that you connect to has been upgraded, you will have the option to upgrade to new packages being launched in 2018. All existing Premium customers will be automatically upgraded to the Business Package from 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps free of charge. At the same time all other customers will have the opportunity to renew their existing contract to receive the upgraded package free of charge, in addition, we will be offering a loyalty discount for two-year renewals for all existing customers.

When will the upgrades happen?

The upgrade schedule will be split into two phases:

  • Phase 1 – Mast & Backhaul Upgrades (completion due mid 2018)
  • Phase 2 – Customer Premises Upgrades (completion due late 2018)

Phase 1 includes all of the mast upgrades that need to be performed to facilitate the new speeds that HERBS intends to deliver to its customers. This phase must be completed before the increase in performance can be passed through to the equipment on your property.

Phase 2 includes upgrades of customer equipment required to provide the faster service. An engineer will book an appointment to visit your property to change the equipment on your roof. In most cases we will only require external access so, with your permission, we can perform the upgrade even when you are away from the property. However, you will be able to discuss this with the installations team when they call to book the appointment.

Upgrade Pilot Scheme

As this is a network-wide upgrade scheme, we have to start somewhere! The most logical place is the core of the network at Skeffington. The following outlines the currently planned timescale.

Tier 1 – due for completion Autumn 2017
  • Skeffington – completed
Tier 2 due for completion December 2017
  • South Croxton – completed
  • Twyford
Tier 3 due for completion March 2018
  • Whatborough – completed
  • Pine Tree Stud – completed
  • Copt Hill – completed
  • Abbey Farm – completed
  • Ladywood – completed
  • Gaulby – completed
  • Nevill Holt/Park Farm – completed
Tier 4 due for completion Autumn 2018
  • South Lodge/Braunston – completed
  • Shangton/Stonton Wyville – completed
  • Lowesby/Newbold/Owston – completed
  • Spanhoe/Laxton
  • Covert Lane Rugby Club/Keyham
  • Three Gates – completed
  • Billesdon Coplow – completed