HERBS brings affordable, fast broadband to the rural villages in East Leicestershire

Why Choose HERBS?

  • No line rental costs, saving you £18.99 per month when compared to BT!
  • Lower contention ratio than BT so that means more bandwidth during peak times
  • No traffic restrictions, you can download as much as you like!
  • Regional support team with knowledge of the area

What is HERBS?

HERBS started in 2014 as Harborough East Rural Broadband Syndicate with an Executive Committee of volunteers. Initially we sought to speed up the natural process of bringing fast broadband to East Leicestershire and discovered that if more remote areas were to achieve this objective, we should have to take community action.

With the aid of a HDC grant, we conducted widespread research and consultation with suppliers, experts in the field and local residents and businesses. We are now proud to say that we have a network in place and new connections going live every day.

What is the HERBS Area?

We cover an area from Scraptoft in the West to Harringworth in the East and from South Croxton in the North to Medbourne in the South.

What will HERBS do?

The installation team will installed a small antenna on the roof of your property, typically this is sited in the same location as your TV antenna as it mounts to the same type of pole. Alternative locations can be discussed with the engineer when they arrive at your property. The wireless antenna receives the broadband signal from one of our broadcast sectors, which is then fed down a black external network cable into your property where the power supply and broadband router will be installed.