How can you offer much faster speeds than other providers in our area?

The equipment that BT has in the local villages is only capable of up to 8Mb broadband, which is reduced significantly depending on the length of the cable between your local exchange and your house. This leaves most people receiving unreliable and slow broadband.
HERBS have paid to bring a dedicated service to the area which is then delivered to you via wireless antennas – meaning your service is not dependent upon the same BT infrastructure.

How long does it take to install?

Installation takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on the complexity of your installation.

What is involved in the installation?

Our highly experienced installer will fit a small antenna to the outside of your property in the location that will provide you with the best signal. He will then run a cable into your property where the router will be set up (usually where your current BT master socket is located).

Can I keep my telephone number?

Yes – once your broadband is live we will apply to take over your number from your old supplier, this will take a few days. If you would like to transfer your telephone number it is important you don’t cancel your old service until the transfer is completed.

Do I need a special phone?

No – we will provide you with an adapter that connects your existing phone to the router so there is no need to buy specialist equipment.
​Please note your phone will need to be located next to your router.

Will the WiFi router cover my whole house?

Each property is different and WiFi signal depends on things like wall construction, property size and layout. The routers we provide use industry standard WiFi technology and we cannot predict the coverage you will get beforehand.
Devices are available to extend wireless coverage – please call us to discuss your requirements.

What does the equipment look like?


TP Link Router

Telephone Adapter